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Looking out for you in your time of need 
Services for You 
Services for your business 
Employment Law 
Landlords and tenants 
Looking out for you in your time of need 
Services for You 
Services for your business 
Employment Law 
Landlords and tenants 

Criminal Injury Compensation Claims 

is set up by the government to deal with victims of crime. 
Criminal Injury Compensation Claims can often be complex and emotionally exhausting. Our understanding team of CICA Claim solicitors will ensure your case is dealt in a way which causes you as little distress as possible. 
Have you been injured as a result of crime? 
There have been many cases where violent crime has led to traumatic affects, if you are considering a CICA claim get in touch with our expert team on 0161 835 2446

When can you make a claim for Criminal Injury Compensation? 

According to the CICA claims for criminal injury compensation can be considered if you have suffered from the following: 
Mental or physical injury following a crime of violence; 
Sexual or physical abuse; 
Loss of earnings - where you have no or limited capacity to work as the direct result of a criminal injury; 
Special expenses payments - these cover certain costs you may have incurred as a direct result of an incident. You can only ask the CICA to consider special expenses if your injuries mean you have been unable to work or have been incapacitated to a similar extent for more than 28 weeks; 
A fatality caused by a crime of violence including bereavement payments, payments for loss of parental services and financial dependency; and funeral payments. 
It is important to note that not all claims for compensation will be successful; you must be eligible under the rules of the Scheme. To find out if you qualify for compensation contact our expert team on  
0161 835 2446
Criminal Injuries can be of various nature , some of these include; 
Mental injury 
Head and Neck injuries 
Injuries to the limbs 
Neurological Injuries 
Mental injury 
Sensory nerve damage 
Motor nerve damage 
Victim of crime abroad 

Our Criminal Injury Compensation Solicitors 

We have an experienced team that has solved many complex CICA cases and acted for clients across the country. Our team of Crimininal Injury compensation solicitors will ensure you are aware of your legal options on your initial consultation. We will update you and provide support throughout the process of your resolution. We will also provide you with: 
Free initial consultation  
No win No Fee service 

 Contact Our Expert Team of Solicitors 

Get in touch with our team of expert Solicitors today . Our expert solicitors will work to ensure you are updated on the progress of your case throughout the duration of your instruction with MWG. Call us on 0161 835 2446 to speak to a specialist solicitor or Contact us online. 

We can provide you legal advice on all aspects of Criminal Injury Compensation Cases 

Domestic Violence compensation 
Historic sexual abuse 
Rape victim compensation  

Criminal Injury compensation Time Limits 

Under the current scheme the two year time limit from the date of the incident exists. However in some cases ( such as those which involve historic abuse) the CICA can consider waiving the time limit depending on the circumstances the incident took place. This means often the 2 year limit would then apply from the date the matter was reported to the police. If you are unsure about the time limit of your claim contact our team on  
0161 835 2446.  
If you wish to inquire more or discuss your case, please contact us and our expert team will be in touch with you. 

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