Dispute Resolution

Whilst we would all rather avoid disagreements, it is inevitable that many of us will at some point require legal advice on a dispute, whether it be a neighbour, a business, or another matter. Research shows that 10% of people have sought Dispute Resolution advice in recent years. Our dispute resolution solicitors endeavour to ensure that resolving a dispute is as swift and stress-free for you as possible.

Our expert solicitors have years of experience in dispute resolution. We understand the difficulties individuals have to go through when a dispute arises. Our understanding solicitors use their professional knowledge to help you achieve the best resolution.

Why choose MWG?

By recognising that each dispute is different, we offer dispute resolution advice based on your needs. Our dispute resolution solicitors will provide you with clear and concise advice with regards your claim from your first interview with us, and will keep you updated at every stage, ensuring that you always understand the options available to you as your claim progresses.
Inevitably some cases do result in Court Proceedings, where they do, we have successfully represented clients at a range of Court hearings and often reach a settlement prior to proceedings being issued. Our dispute resolution solicitors also have great experience in alternative dispute resolution and so we are able to ensure that we reach the best settlement for you or your business.
It is this level of success that has seen our clients continually seek our dispute resolution advice on a range of legal matters, and recommend this advice to others.

Dispute resolution solicitors

The potential cost of pursuing or defending a legal claim can be daunting to many. We believe that cost should not be a barrier to quality dispute resolution advice and that is why we are committed to making our services accessible. Rather than avoid discussing our fees, we make our range of funding arrangements known to you upfront so that you are always aware of costs.

We can provide you legal advice on the full range of Disputes including:

Property Disputes
Consumer Disputes
Neighbour Disputes
Business Disputes
Partnership and Shareholder Disputes
Landlord & Tenant Disputes

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