Irfan Munir


Irfan Munir is a partner at MWG solicitors and one of the founding members of MWG. Based in the Manchester office Irfan represents clients nationally handling a diverse range of complex cases.

Over the years Irfan has built enviable connections within the legal industry upon which MWG has thrived as a business. MWG has greatly benefitted from his ability to lead the in-house legal team and ensuring that client satisfaction is of utmost importance.

Irfan has also led the way in ensuring MWG’s corporate social responsibility is sustained by actively taking part in humanitarian causes, fundraising activities as well as organising charitable events himself in support of the local community in Manchester.

Irfan Munir
Irfan Munir
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Colonnade House 163 Kingsway Manchester M19 2ND

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