Are you thinking of a Living Together ( Cohabitation) Agreement?


Are you thinking of a Living Together ( Cohabitation) Agreement?

A living together or cohabitant agreement is a legal document that allows unmarried couples who live together to secure their finances. Not only it can clarify how you intend to maintain your everyday expenses while you live together, but can also protect you and your partner in case the relationship breaks down, avoiding the chance of future disappointments or disputes. When it comes to important matters such as housing and children’s arrangements, married couples benefit from a number of rights and legal protection. This is not the case for unmarried couples, which is why a cohabitant agreement is worth discussing with your partner, should you wish to buy a property or move in together. An agreement can formalise how you share certain expenses and what will happen to your finances and assets if you and your partner separate or one of you gets ill or passes away. This has become an extremely popular option among unmarried couples living together, which are remarkably increasing every year.

What does a Cohabitant Agreement cover? 

– Mortgage and household bills
– Children’s maintenance and day-to-day expenses
– How you share each other’s assets (properties, investments, savings) and pension scheme
– Income protection and joint bank accounts
– Debt responsibilities
– Rights on pets
Speak to one of our expert family solicitors to learn more about the many advantages that cohabitant agreement law can offer you. We can help you draw up an agreement making sure your legal rights and wishes for the future are protected. Give us a call on 0161 8352446 to book a free confidential consultation over the telephone or visit our Manchester office.

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