Conveyancing Guide- MWG Solicitors

Conveyancing Guide- MWG Solicitors

If you’re looking to buy or sell a property, you’ll need to go through the conveyancing process which can be complex and time-consuming. However, with the right solicitor on your side, it can be stress-free and straightforward. At MWG Solicitors, we offer a comprehensive conveyancing service to help you through every step of the process.

What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring ownership of a property from one person to another. This  involves a number of different steps, including:

  • Searches: Your solicitor will carry out a number of searches to check for any issues that might affect the property, such as planning permission, environmental issues, or disputes with neighbours.
  • Contracts: Your solicitor will draft the contract that sets out the terms of the sale, including the price, the completion date, and any other conditions that need to be met.
  • Exchange of contracts: Once the contracts have been signed by both parties, they will be exchanged. This is when the transaction becomes legally binding.
  • Completion: On the agreed completion date, the sale will be completed, and the ownership of the property will be transferred to the buyer.

Why use a solicitor for conveyancing?

Conveyancing can be a complex process, and there are many legal requirements that need to be met. A solicitor can help ensure that everything is done correctly and can help you avoid any issues that could cause problems down the line.

At MWG Solicitors, we have a team of experienced conveyancing solicitors who can guide you through the process. We understand that every transaction is unique, and we take a tailored approach to every case to ensure that we meet your needs.

Our conveyancing service.

At MWG Solicitors, we offer a comprehensive conveyancing service that covers all aspects of the process. This includes:

  • Sales: If you’re selling a property, we can help you with every step of the process, from drafting the contract to completing the sale.
  • Purchases: If you’re buying a property, we can carry out all the necessary searches and checks to make sure everything is in order.
  • Re-mortgages: If you’re re-mortgaging a property, we can help you through the process, ensuring that everything is done correctly.
  • Leaseholds: If you’re buying or selling a leasehold property, we can guide you through the complexities of the leasehold process.

Our conveyancing service is designed to be stress-free and straightforward. We keep our clients informed at every stage of the process, and we’re always available to answer any questions you may have.

Why choose MWG Solicitors?

There are many reasons to choose MWG Solicitors for your conveyancing needs. Here are just a few:

  • Expertise: Our team of conveyancing solicitors has years of experience and a deep understanding of the conveyancing process.
  • Tailored service: We take a tailored approach to every case, ensuring that we meet the unique needs of every client.
  • Competitive fees: We offer transparent and competitive fixed fees, so you know exactly what to expect in terms of costs.
  • Good communication: We believe that good communication is key to a successful outcome, and we keep our clients informed throughout the process.
  • Convenient service: We offer a flexible service, including out-of-hours appointments and home visits, to ensure that we can work around your schedule.

In summary, our conveyancing service offers:

  • Sales, purchases, re-mortgages, and leaseholds
  • Stress-free and straightforward service
  • Expert solicitors with years of experience
  • Tailored approach to every case
  • Transparent and competitive fixed fees
  • Good communication throughout the process


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