Change in law on mobile phones use

Change in law on mobile phones use

A Government consultation is set to change the use of mobile phones in driving law banning all smartphone use behind the wheel in the United Kingdom.

What changed, and how will the new law affect motorists?

The significant changes in modern technology of the last decade have enabled mobile phones to do far more than simply calling or sending a text message. For years, mobile phones use not strictly related to call or text (e.g. take pictures or videos) have fallen into a grey area of motoring law: this meant that motorists could escape being charged for having handheld devices at the wheel.

The new rules aim at clarifying the driving law and closing the loophole to keep pace with technology. These changes will mean that drivers across the UK would not be allowed to hold mobile phones or handheld devices to perform a number of functions. The Government has confirmed that the measure is expected to come into force in the early months of 2021.

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