Uber’s appeal rejected in the Employment Tribunal

Uber’s appeal rejected in the Employment Tribunal

We are pleased to announce that a landmark decision has been made against Uber. The Employment Tribunal has decided that Uber drivers are workers and therefore entitled to minimum wage and holiday pay.

MWG Solicitors in association with UPHD (United Private Hire Drivers) are representing in excess of 50 claimants who are demanding workers’ rights consisting of minimum wage and holiday pay.

Mohammad Wajid Head of Employment Law at MWG Solicitors stated “We have always believed that drivers should be treated as workers rather than self-employed. More than 50000 drivers are being exploited by Uber, minimum wage and holiday pay would give them more security.

The tribunal’s findings pointed out that the drivers should start getting minimum wage as soon as they are logged on and ready to accept new jobs. This further strengthens the need for demanding workers’ rights.

James Farrar and Yaseen Aslam of UPHD released a statement “It has been an immense privilege to be the test claimants for this watershed case but a huge responsibility also, we’ve worked hard to build the best case possible with thousands of pages of evidence and continuous engagement to support our legal team. We don’t want to let anyone down so we try to leave no stone unturned.”

The claims brought by UPHD against Uber were represented by MWG Solicitors. The employment tribunal case was won last year. Uber challenged the decision however their appeal was rejected and the decision rules in favour of the drivers.

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