What makes us different? MWG’S Corporate Social responsibility


What makes us different? MWG’S Corporate Social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that as a business we have a corporate and social responsibility to aspire towards good environmental practice, support our community and take part in humanitarian efforts and this is what makes us different. We believe it is our duty to ensure our actions result in securing a better future for generations to come.

We are determined to reduce our environmental impact and ensure we recognise the impact our operations will have on the environment. We encourage our staff to reduce the wastage of energy and disposing of recycling materials appropriately.

MWG in the community

We have done and continue to take part in fundraising, sponsoring sports teams, events and making charitable donations:

  • We have been supporting Human Appeal for 9 years raising over £100k
  • We took part in the Great Manchester run in support of Francis house
  • We raised money for Cancer research UK by taking part in the Manchester Winter run
  • We Held an event in honour of Manchester’s taxi drivers

We believe it is vital to build relationships within the community, our efforts have seen positive effects on the most vulnerable in the society. We believe in raising voices for issues and taking part in charitable events and opportunities that allow us to engage with the local community. Whether it is individually or as part of a team, our employees have undertaken various initiatives to serve the community through fundraising marathons, preparing food packs for Manchester’s homeless community, giving up their time to provide free legal advice, hosting question and answer events to address issues within the community.

Our employees are encouraged to get involved in supporting the community. | Winter run 2016

MWG hosted an event held in honour of Manchester’s taxi drivers | February 2017.

Honourable judges in attendance , left to right: Abid Mahmood, Ahmad Nadim, Ghazan Mahmood. Took part in an open Q&A session to address all legal concerns of Manchester’s taxi drivers.

Diversity and Equality

MWG is highly committed to promoting diversity and equality within the workplace.
We firmly believe in equal opportunities and ensure all our employees receive equal access to training, promotion, service and employment terms and conditions. Our vision on diversity is to appreciate and acknowledge the differences in individuals. We value individuals and actively welcome people from a variety of backgrounds.



We are highly committed to leading the way in promoting workplace equality, providing equal opportunities, as well as ensuring diversity in our organisation.

  • Assist and encourage employees to realise their potential
  • Creating and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment
  • Creating a workplace where there is mutual trust and respect and where each member of staff feels responsibility for the performance and reputation of the firm
  • Work towards developing a diverse organisation, where every member feels valued

Some of the team at MWG

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